Which means there's something you can do about it

You don't have to be naturally optimistic

To have everything go your way

Picture the most optimistic person you know. In your mind see their smile.
Hear their laugh. Notice how friends flock to be around them. They’re
more successful at work, at home, and in their relationships. They have
more self-confidence and peace. They have a healthy balanced approach
to life. Even when things go wrong, somehow they roll with it better.
They’re more resilient. 


The good news coming from top-tier universities like Harvard, Stanford,
the University of Pennsylvania, and U.C. Berkley who are leading
breakthrough research in the emerging field of positive psychology, is
that optimism—like any other skill—can be trained.

All it takes is deliberate mental focus.

And time.

Just like physical fitness is a lifestyle that’s developed through regular
repeated workouts, a healthy, positive mindset can be developed through
consistency and repetition.

Mental conditioning is both possible and highly profitable for you.  

Enjoy better relationships

Discover how you can foster positive relationships and create the nurturing and fulfilling friendships you crave.

Achieve better life balance

Discover how you can use mindfulness techniques and strategies to keep balance and harmony even when life doesn’t.

Rid yourself of stress, anxiety, and worry

Get rid of mental toxins that cause anxieties. Live with peace and contentment.

The one thing between you and greater success is a healthier mindset

This ain't unicorns and rainbows

There's a business side to mindfulness

This is all about finding true success. We’ve been conditioned to believe that if we work hard will achieve success and then we’ll be happy. But how many highly “successful” people do you know who are not happy? The formula is backwards. 

Happy people thrive. This means they find success in ALL aspects of their lives. Leading researchers have found that happy employees improve company performance in nearly every measurable metric (we say “nearly” because maybe they’ll invent new metrics to measure).


It's easy to think negatively

Because you're thinking downhill

There’s a high cost to unhappiness. Dissatisfaction can trigger repercussions in relationships, work performance, and sleep patterns. Reverse the trend. Be deliberate about your mindset. Or if you’re in charge of employees or another group, give them the tools to stop their downward spiral.

Education always opens doors to opportunities.

It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

— Sir Edmund Hillary

Most people don’t know that happiness is a skill. Most don’t see the cause and effect relationship between their thoughts and their results. Which also means most people aren’t operating at optimal levels in ALL aspects of their lives.

Fortunately, there are tools to help. 


Mindset conditioning tools. Find what works for you

The Feed Your Happy app

Positive mindset conditioning on the go

Whether you recognize this or not, you’re being conditioned all the time. Society. Circumstance. Past negative experiences—can all contribute to unfavorable thinking patterns. Reverse the trend. Take active, deliberate control of your mental conditioning. Learn to recognize what’s going right in your life and can consciously participate in activities proven to spark happiness.

Breakthrough science meets active daily living. 


This book will teach you how to be as happy as the most naturally optimistic people you admire.


Shawn Achor

NYT best selling author of The Happiness Advantage

The textbook of life

Everyday happiness is what we strive for daily

At the heart of every decision is the deep seated belief that we think or hope it will make us happy. Turns out we’re generally wrong. New research from top-tier universities reveals simple habits commonly found in the happiest, most successful people—those who thrive in ALL aspects of their lives.

Once you learn happiness is a skill, you’ll never go back to just wishing for it.


Greg Reid

Best Selling author of 3 Feet From Gold, speaker, filmmaker

Video courses

The training that can prove most valuable

Successful people find the biggest hurdle standing between them and greater success is themselves. Shyness, anxieties, insecurities, fears, anger and resentment—they’re all mindset problems. Optimism can be trained. Give the training that helps people learn to live deliberately. Click to find out more about our positive mindset conditioning courses.


Welcome to the Academy

Healthy mindset training anytime, anywhere

Education ALWAYS opens doors to opportunity. Mindset training courses from the nCOURAGE Academy will empower you or your employees with the skills and abilities to be more conscious and aware. To be more deliberate and focused. And to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Since developing healthy habits takes time and consistency, the Academy provides tools for persistent mental development.

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